Nominations >> Trust of the Future >> C4F-Geneva'2018 + C4f-LA'2018

Trust of the Future >> C4F-Geneva'2018 + C4f-LA'2018  Trust of the Future >> C4F-Geneva'2018 + C4f-LA'2018

Today’s challenge in terms of reliability is placed before companies dealing with confidence and financial communications: banks, insurance companies, and funds. The best among them are the ones whose teams know how to gain the client’s trust.



Separate Regional Edition of C4F Awards in 2018!

When? >> 6 May, 2018

Where? >> Los Angeles, the USA

The separate regional C4F Award edition & gala dinner ceremony will take place in the evening on 06.05.2018, in Los Angeles, the USA. The following 5 categories will be included in the USA edition:

- Leader of the Future
- Evangelist of the Future

- Trust of the Future
- Creative of the Future
- Communications of the future