C4F Davos Awards
Annual Excellence Awards for Communication Professionals


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The C4F Davos Awards recognize highly professional and globally remarkable individual communicators and/or organizations with a creative approach and unique vision of the future of communications!


The Personal Awards are to be given to individual professionals with a strong influence on the global improvement of communications in their broad sense and a truly effective contribution in fostering new trends for the development of the communications industry worldwide.


The Corporate Awards are to be given to companies which set the standards for effectiveness and professionalism within the global communication industry and demonstrate creativity in the realization of their communication strategies and campaigns.


The Awards are developed in partnership with a non-profit organization registered in Switzerland - the Word Communication Forum Association (WCFA), with part of the generated capital to be spent on realization of the association's initiatives.

* NB: WCFA has established and holds three of the C4F award categories. The income generated shall be fully used in support of the work of the association.


Idea of the Awards: See the future, and the future will see you!


C4F Davos Awards Categories


(8 categories)

Grand Davos Award
Due to be granted to key figures and thought leaders for their contribution to the communications industry, as per WCF-Davos standards.


Titan of the Future
We live in the New Renaissance era, when a new type of people emerge – people, who are creative in every aspect, available 24/7, committed to the high business and ethical standards of true global leaders. Some call them multitaskers, but we consider them to be the re-born Leonardo-s, the new Titans of our new epoch.


Relations of the Future
For personalities who demonstrate skills in developing and expanding new and positive resources, while improving the relationships between people and brands.


Image of the Future
Visualization has become the language of the future. Nominees for this award are professionals who create stunning images and develop the visual communications of the future.


Idea of the Future
Nominees for this award are representatives of the innovative, creative economy, where communicating what does not yet exist has become a key factor in the development of adequate communication environment for innovations.


Evangelist of the Future
By means of their vibrant personality and outstanding individual communication skills, evangelists contribute to the overall development of their own country and its industries and brands.


Talent of the Future (Grand Davos for Young)
For young, ambitious and energetic specialists who inspire their regional professional communities and the respective markets.


* WCFA Award (established by the WCFA association):

* Leader of the Future
For experts who lead, steer and develop the global professional community within the industry of communications and create new meaning and new drivers inside it.


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(15 categories)

(7 categories)


City of the Future
Тhe city as a zone of comfort where you feel at home, get inspired, follow your dreams, complete your education, develop a business and enjoy modern facilities, smart technologies and recreational areas, is a concept with multiple levels of social and administrative meaning. Organizations and city communication departments that are bold enough to dare and approach this particular field are considered the modern architects of city branding – the award is intended for the best of them.


Education of the Future
Education and success go hand in hand, especially when they are well-guided. Skilful communication teams of educational organizations and initiatives who stand out with their innovative approach to education and who can efficiently promote creativity among students are the key to a better world.


Media of the Future
Not long ago we used the term New Media, while currently we often tend to mention Traditional Media and we witness rapid changes in the media industry as a whole, due to which we have become - more than ever - mobile, interactive and social. The award in this category is granted to agencies that foresee the next step in media development.


Technology of the Future
Technology is everything. This category is for those leaders among the technological companies, who foresee the future and strive for strengthening the social impact of their product.


Trust of the Future
Today’s challenge in terms of reliability is placed before companies dealing with confidence and financial communications: banks, insurance companies, and funds. The best among them are the ones whose teams know how to gain the client’s trust.


Pro Bono of the Future
For outstanding results in non-commercial communications and charitable projects!


* WCFA Award (established by the WCFA association):

* Community of the Future
For the most involving and effective communication with communities and for the successful formation of communities by means of using communication campaigns!


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(8 categories)


Reputation of the Future
Corporations usually define the state of economics, while corporate communications help to build up competitive advantages. This award recognizes the master-companies in Reputation Management, for their outstanding results in maintaining a long-term, high reputational value!


Communications of the Future
For the most creative and effective communication campaign!


Design of the Future
For outstanding achievements in the implementation of visual communication campaigns!


Creative of the Future
For amazing creativity demonstrated during the implementation of a particular communication strategy!


Anti Crisis of the Future
For brilliant and talented implementation of anti-crisis communication campaigns!

Value of the Future
For the creation of new positive and inspiring values and also for the successful maintaining of any eternal communication values!


Employee Comms of the Future
For the most effective strategy or corporate communications campaign!


* WCFA Award (established by the WCFA association):

* Branding of the Future
For the most outstanding campaign which includes creation, renovation, promotion and support of a brand!


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Judging Procedure
Judging panels composed of former winners of the C4F Davos Awards and leaders of the global communication industry.
There’s no limit as to the number of members in the judging panel.
There are two judging panels of the JURY:
- Jury for C4F Personal Awards
- Jury for C4F Corporate Awards
The Jury is selecting winners according to the process of nomination and selection (described below).
Depending on the type and number of nominations submitted, the Jury may have to evaluate up to 23 award categories, yet not obligatorily all of them!
If there is a conflict of interests and a Jury member represents a person/organization nominated, the same Jury member is not allowed to take part in the selection and voting procedure for the categories with all such nominations.


Candidacy Criteria
# The Nominee should be a leader of a professional community and/or should have a strong influence on the improvement of communications;
# Contribution in fostering new trends for the development of the communications industry worldwide;
# Professional achievements and compliance with the selection criteria for the relevant Award category.


Process of Nomination
- Nominations can be submitted by individuals, companies, state/public organizations.
- Self-nominations are also acceptable.
- The Candidate should be nominated for one or several Awards according to the list of the above C4F Davos Awards (see the list above).
- Minimum 3 nominations per category should be received, so that the category is eligible for announcement in the short-list of finalists.


Process of Selection
20 weeks prior to event:
Submission of nominations gets opened.
12 weeks prior to event:
Second term of submissions and provision of additional information.
4 weeks prior to event.
Deadline of submissions, The Jury starts work.
3 week prior to event.
Short list announcement: The Jury assesses all candidates and announces a short list of the finalists.
Short-listed categories and their finalists are announced only upon minimum 3 nominations submitted for the respective category and evaluated by the Jury.

Awarding the winners - on venue of the event:
The Gala ceremony takes place during the main annual WCF forum, in Switzerland.


Submissions – Data Relevance
- First name and Surname / Company name;
- Country of residence;
- Age;
- Current place of employment, position/status;
- Public statuses, awards, prizes;
- Description of professional achievements in the current year: what kind of achievements are the reason for receiving the Award;
- Proof of compliance with the Award’s criteria: documents, links to the profile, links to the projects and key achievements;
- Contact details.


Gala Ceremony
The C4F Awards Ceremony is held during the Gala Dinner of the annual #WCFDavos summit held in Switzerland.


(see: Full Regulations)